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Adam Budgen

Adam is a founder and current president of the association Nan K’anchay partners.

A lifelong supporter of Peru and frequent visitor for nearly thirty years, he has seen Peru undergo many changes and is proud to have been able to share these experiences  since studying at the Children’s hospital in Lima and  being the first British student to study in Havana.

Adam is a well known Orthopaedic Surgeon with a reputation in the  treatment of foot and ankle disorders.he treats many elite athletes and sportsmen and has been instrumental in the pioneering development of surgical techniques.

He is delighted to have the opportunity to develop K’anchay Nan with his associates. He is fascinated by the vision of uniting two great nations to establish projects in Health, Education and Trade corridors for the wellbeing of  marginalised communities to support sustainable growth and the opportunity of rising out of slavery and exploitation. He recognises the importance of his team in Peru but recognises the contribution of his wife and family and colleagues in England in helping to develop the association linking its communities to worldwide village.